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Crunchy Carrot Butternut Slaw

Want a tasty and crunchy side dish to pair with your next roast or BBQ? Are we the only ones who like to BBQ during the winter too?

Prep Time: 15 mins

Yields: 4 servings


2 medium Carrots peeled and shredded

1 small butternut squash peeled, seeded, and shredded

1/2 cup celery diced

1/2 cup red cabbage shredded

3 tbsp meyer lemon juice

1/2 cup Plain Greek yogurt

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tsp honey

2 tbsp Green Onions chopped

2 tsp fresh dill chopped

What to Do!

  1. Using your food processor, shred the carrots, butternut squash, and cabbage. Combine in a mixing bowl, add the diced celery.

  2. In another mixing bowl, whisk together lemon juice, yogurt, olive oil, honey, green onions, and dill. Pour mixture over shredded vegetables and toss to mix.

  3. Let mixture marinate for 20 minutes and serve


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