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Pick Your Own Strawberries - Now Open

It's happening... Pick Your Own Strawberries is opening tomorrow (June 13th) at 8am! Bust out your berry best picking container and come pick your favourite fruit at our patch. Bring your friends and family for a morning or afternoon and enjoy the very best that 20 Valley has to offer. We suggest that you call or check social media on the day you plan on picking as some days we may be closed for ripening.

Whether your a first time customer or seasoned expert, we'd like to provide you with some helpful lingo! Check out our strawberry page for more information on picking and how it all works.

Get into the Lingo

PYO is short-form for Pick Your Own.

Closed for Ripening means the berries are needing an extra day of beauty sleep to become perfection.

June Bearing Strawberries produce one large crop of fruit each growing season.

Everbearing Strawberries are from plants that produce fruit throughout the entire harvesting season.

Jam berries are not the best looking strawberries, but are still good for jams! We sell these type of strawberries as the season progresses.

At Hildreth Farm, we have been growing strawberries for well over 50 years. Due to the flooding and devastation of our patch last year, we have planted a new field which will experience its 1st year of picking. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour!

See you soon!


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